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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Post Spawn Top Water Tactics for Big Spots

There is a time after the bass lay their eggs in early May when the fishing can be very funny and confusing. Fish won't be active enough to hit a swim bait yet but will crush a properly worked top water bait. So the question is what type of top water to use. I believe the fish aren't quite ready for pop r type baits or buzz baits, but something like lucky craft Sammy or a Zara spook can be deadly. I got onto this pattern when I was fishing and I saw a bass after a small 2 ft snake. The bass must have tried six times before it finally engulfed the snake and took it under. Well a spook or Sammy looks just like a snake when walked across the water. So I tied on a lucky craft Sammy And began working it, even though the sun was bright. There was a slight chop on the water and I believe this always makes a top water bite better. It was the first week of May, the fish are all off their beds but just not into that summer feeding pattern yet. I began walking that sammy out around wood in some slacker water when it was crushed by a huge spotted bass. The fish was fat, right at four pounds even and the tail was tore up. She had layed her eggs, but just recently.
I have found the best retrieve is to walk the lure back and forth a few times after it lands then pause it. The strike usually comes on the pause. This is how I will work the bait back until it's almost to the kayak and I have had strikes within feet of the boat. Sometimes it takes giving the bait more action to work the fish into hitting the bait. The cloud cover you have can always help a top water. This pattern also works on bright blue bird days as long as there is a slight breeze or chop on the water. Current also helps the bite but isn't neccesary. So next time your out on a funny post spawn bite and you can't get the fish to feed, try tossing a top water bait at them and you might be surprised.


  1. Great article and great advice!! :-) Now, I just need to learn how to work one. Lol :-)

  2. Great article. I ended up buying a Sammy and I really like it. I agree that the pause after your initial walk seems to drive them nuts! Great write up and I am super jealous of that four pound spot!