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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Early Summer Pond Fishing

Sometimes when the spawn is over, the best place to be is on a small body of water such as a pond to catch numbers and if the ponds properly managed, some quality sized bass as well.  I have recently been without a way to get our kayaks to the river, so we've done our share of wade and pond fishing.  I tell you nothing beats a good farm pond bite and when they get to feeding, sometimes you can catch fish on any lure you want to throw.  My personal favorites for early summer pond fishing are topwaters such as pop r's, spooks, and prop baits in low light conditions and if the sun is up I go to a soft plastic or spinnerbait fished just below the surface.   A zoom trick worm is ideal for catching big pond bass in the summer time.  Even some crickets and a bobber can yield some great results.

Just recently here in May, I was able to fish a small body of water loaded with 1-3lb bass and a lot of small to okay sized bream.  The bream were all over the banks and the occasional ball of bass fry was left roaming the pond.  Just before dark I took to the pond with a pop r on the end of my line and within minutes was battling a nice largemouth that just absolutely inhaled the lure.  All the fish inhaled the pop r with great ease so setting the hook and landing these bass wasn't difficult at all.  I moved on and after fishing around the pond I ended up with four nice bass in twenty minutes.  The next morning I awoke and stepped out with the pop r again, caught one right behind my Dad as he was bream fishing off the dock.  He was so mad he wouldn't turn around and even look.  LOL.  So if your stuck with no float partner or rivers are way to high, give pond fishing a try, it can pleasantly surprise you.


  1. Good read!! Got to love pond basin :)

  2. I love small pond fishing - little pressure and the normal time tables or fishing expertise goes right out the window!!