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Friday, October 12, 2012

By the Grace of God, My Seat Belt, and Air Bags, I am Alive!

I was on my way home Wednesday evening around 5:00, heading south on Hwy 42 towards Jackson when a lady decided to pull out in front of my truck right as I was passing.  As you guys know, the laws of physics don't allow for two objects to occupy the same space at the same time, well to say the least we collided with such force that all I remember is seeing her black car, then the air bag exploded and I slammed on brakes.  I ended up going straight off to the left side of the highway and I guess she spun around and ended up in the middle of the road.  It happened so fast I never even had a chance to hit my brakes before hitting her so I was full on going 55-60mph when I hit her.  The speed limit is 55 on that stretch.  I couldn't get the driver door opened, so I rolled out the passenger side and got away from the truck in case of fire or anything like that.  All I knew was my face hurt, I was dizzy as heck, and the cabin of my truck was full of the smoke from the air bag going off.  I thank God, I came out of the wreck with only sore muscles and a sore neck. One little tiny nick on my right knee and a little split on my nose, That was it.  I swear all my vehicles will be a Nissan from this day forward!

Well, the lady admitted to the cops that it was all her fault. She was okay also, except she had a banged up wrist.  Red nose like me but she was more worried I was going to sue her than anything I think. But it was her fault, So hopefully there won't be any problems from here on out getting a new vehicle.  I am just glad I can see another sun rise and that both parties involved were okay. We both walked away from what could have easily killed both of us.  Thank GOD.  That's for sure!

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